Never Mind Credit Cards, Pay With Your Phone

One of the emerging trends of the Mobile Web is using your phone to interact with the real world. We’re not just talking about ‘checking in’ to locations, either. There’s a world of more practical functionality that hasn’t yet ramped up in the West – using your phone as a payment device (for example mobile ticketing), getting special offers from retailers, downloading data from the Web via ‘smart posters’ on the street, and more.

A key technology driving some of these interactions is NFC, which was one of Gartner’s 8 Mobile Technologies to Watch in 2010. It’s a technology that you ought to become familiar with; whether you’re a technologist, a marketer, or a consumer looking to make the best use of your smart phone (and aren’t we all!). So in this post we give you an overview of what to expect from NFC.

Interested? Read more about the NFC technology here! And the full article here!


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